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Get Smart Largest Entryways Security With a Boston Garage Door Sensor

If you’re like other Boston people, your garage door is among the most susceptible access points in your house. You may accidentally keep it open when you’re running late for work. Or it doesn’t go down entirely after you come inside at the end of the day. However, you’ll never go to bed with it open when you get a Boston garage door sensor that’s linked to your security system.

By using a Boston garage door sensor you have the ability to:

● Check the state of your garage door with any mobile device

● Control your garage door regardless of your location

● Get alerts to your phone if your garage door opens

● Automatically shut and secure your door according to a predetermined schedule

● Implement with various types of garage door openers

ADT Mobile Control App in Boston

Control Your Garage Door With Your Phone

When you’re hurrying about in the morning, you probably aren’t going to hang around to make sure the garage door is completely shut before leaving the driveway. When you have a garage door sensor, you are able to inspect the door’s position when you get to work using the ADT Control phone app. When you discover that it’s wide open, simply shut it with a single push of the app’s interface. If this is a common occurrence, you can take advantage of the app features and program your Boston garage door sensor to bring the door back down a few minutes after it was activated.

You Will Know In The Event Your Garage Door Activates

Know right away whenever your garage door opens with a notification to your phone. You'll be the first to know when your kids enter through the garage after playing outside. Or be able to call and tell your significant other to start dinner after they park the car. In the event you're not expecting the garage door to run, you can rapidly explore the situation by viewing live footage from your home’s security cameras.

ADT Security System Keyfob in Boston

Make Your Boston Garage Door Sensor A Component of Your Your Home Protection

A garage door sensor is a vital part of your Boston smart house. Your garage door can activate when a fire or flood emergency is discovered, providing an access point for first responders to enter with their gear and equipment. When your security cameras identify peculiar activity, your garage door sensor will engage to ensure that the biggest entryway in your home is safely in a down position.

You can even let your garage door respond to vocal directives through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Simply instruct your virtual assistant that you're leaving, and have your garage door go down as your entryways automatically lock and the home defense alarms initialize. Or say “goodnight” and have your connected smart home confirm all your alarms and components are fully functional and activated.

Get Your Garage Door Sensor When Planning Your Boston Home Security System

A garage door sensor can be an important addition to your ADT home defense strategy. When reaching out to Secure24 Alarm Systems, we’ll work hard to create the best protection for your property. Just call us at (617) 430-5865 or submit the form on this page to start customizing your home’s security.